Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA),a chronic autoimmune disorder causing joint inflammation and damage, is one of the most studied indications in recent years. Cureline rsquo;s standard procurement protocols and processes for collection of synovial tissueandsynovial fluid from hand/elbow and knee/hip joints from patients with various stages of RA fulfill the quality requirements for most research applications used in drug discoverypreclinical research drug safety evaluation, biomarker development and clinical assay validation. To inquire about the current availability of specimens or to investigate the your custom tissue acquisition project feasibility, contact our office or send us an inquiry via email.
Biosample Collection and Research Services
Cureline's team designs and implements custom tissue procurement and research protocols including:
Standard Specimen Format and Sets
Recent Projects

APPLICATION: Stress-response kinase activation study
Immediately snap-frozen samples:
Collection of synovial fluidsynovial tissue (biopsy or surgical material) and urine samples from RA and normal control patients. All samples were snap-frozen within 2 minutes after procurement.

APPLICATION: Comparative expression study using protein lysates and RNA
Specimens from patients with differential treatments:
Preparation of snap-frozen and paraffin-embedded synovial tissuefrozensynovial fluid and RNA-ready blood from RA patients with differential treatments (anti-TNFα medications vs others).

APPLICATION: Study testing drug sensitivity and expression levels
Primary cell culture from synovial fluid:
Preparation of viable cells from synovial fluid of treatment-naïve RA patients.
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